Poop-related signs

Dites à votre maître d'être propre

[Dites à votre maître d'être propre]

Compiègne, France, 1990

Tell your master to be clean. Use the gutters. The Municipal Team.

Do the people in the Mairie really address crapping dogs formally (vous)? Oh wait, there are two dogs in the picture with one owner, so it's a plural vous with a singular maître.

[dog arrow pointing to the gutter]

Also in France, where there was no chance of getting owners to bag it out, but asking nicely might just persuade them to move it over to the edge.

Kun responsabbli għall-ambjent

[Kun responsabbli għall-ambjent]

Malta; 2010.

Dank U!

[Dank U!]

Nijmegen; 2008.

Beth ydy'r Cymraeg am “poop-scoop area”?

[Ardal Poop Scoop]

Ardal poop-scoop, of course.

Machynlleth; 2007.

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