Museum of Modern Art

Mommy's Café

I went to the Busan Museum of Modern Art and saw an exhibit called Mommy's Café, which included sculptures on chair themes and paintings based on video games. In one room, two artists (I assume) gave me two oranges and a cup of coffee and invited me to write in an old book printed in Korean, beside which was a sign (in English): “This is a book of Korean history. If you write your story in it, you'll become part of history.”

I wrote a little about myself, and thought Kibology ought to be incorporated into history as well, so I added “The sun, she explode!”

Later that day, I saw a poster in the subway with the following slogan in English: “New Paradigm! New Subway!” which I thought sounded a bit kibological, courtesy of the Busan Transportation Corporation.

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Sculpture garden

[DREAM, LOVE, AND... | Myung-Kim Jung] [MOMA sculpture garden] [MOMA sculpture garden]

Busan, South Korea; 2007.

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