Malta is very proud of its Caravaggio connection! He spent over a year there (and a good part of that in prison).

[Caravaggio Merlot: the Beheading of St John the Baptist]

Maltese is “a Semitic language” or “a dialect of Arabic” (depending on the person you ask) but with about half the lexicon from Italian. (Similarly, English is a Germanic language with a lot of French vocabulary.) Maltese is the only Semitic language written in Roman script, and the only one to be an official EU language. Gbejniet tal-bżar seems to mean “goat cheese”, and topless “topless”!

Gbejniet tal-bżar [Mhux permess toqgħod topless] [Can I avoid being stung?] [PUMP OUT STATION] [caution: bell at 12:00]

Reserved parking

[Burger King / parking reserved for Archbishop and clergy] [Kindly ask for a toilet pass to use our toilets]