Never mind the greengrocer's, it's the pawnbroker's!

[Cash 'til' Payday]

“Hooray for Spot!” (Mark Edwards, July 2006)

And here's a poem by plorkwort from a separate discussion of the greengrocer's (or is it greengrocers'?) apostrophe (September 2006):

They sentenced me to twenty pages of backspace
For trying to change typography from within
I'm coming now, I'm coming to proofread them
First we take an em-dash, then take a hyphen

I'm guided by a stet on the galley
I'm guided by a caret in the margin
I won't stop even when I see three hashes
First an exclamation, then we take a question

I thank you for those page proofs that you sent me
Apostrophe, plywood parenthesis
I edit every night and now I'm ready
First we take italics, then an emphasis

See also: ARK poetry.