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[Bowl of string]

I don't bother with stationary signs any more (fish in a barrel).

[Paper fasteners]

Later, they realized it wasn't a bowl.

Denfuku (Busan, South Korea; 2007)

[Denfuku --- Same to you, buddy!]

“Same to you, buddy!”

High Class Hoe Repairs (Sheffield, England; 2004)

[High Class Hoe Repairs]

Unfortunately, they subsequently changed the name of the shop before the E fell off.

Labia Express (Geneva, Switzerland; 2004)

[Labia Express Service Courier]

This is one of the more common Google hits for this site.

Screw-It (Northumberland, England; 2004)


Cock & Pullet (Derbyshire, England; 2003)

[Cock & Pullet]

Byggnadskontoret (Helsinki, Finland; 2003)